Discover the Perfect Wine Pairing in Seconds

Sommel-ai simplifies the process of choosing the ideal wine for your meal. Never be unprepared or unsure again. Sommel-ai is here to help you make the most of every meal.

Teach me how to drink!

How's it work?

Take a picture of the menu

Take as many pictures as you need: either just your dish or the entire menu. Sommel-ai will analyze it all and pull out each dish and drink.

Tell Sommel-ai your order

Be as specific or vague as you wish — tell Sommel-ai what you're thinking of eating and it will assess the listed ingredients.

Get a recommendation

Sommel-ai will take those ingredients and match them with the perfect pairing from the available drinks on the menu. Just like that, you're ready to order!

Ready to stop guessing?

Pairing plans for all tastes

Whether you only plan to pair a few dishes and drinks or want to pair as many as you can handle, we have a plan for you! You can also change or cancel your plan at any time.

Small Plates

If you only head out on occasion and have a good idea of what you like to drink, but are just being adventurous, try Small Plates and get 10 pairings a month.

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Tasting Menu

Ready to step up?! Always heading out to the hottest new restaurants? Pair as many dishes and drinks as your heart — and liver — can handle with the Tasting Menu and get unlimited pairings.

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Main Course

For those who like to head out a few times a month, share with friends, and try new things, check out the Main Course and get 20 pairings a month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we just launched. But, you probably have these questions 🤷‍♂️

What legal considerations are there when using Sommel-ai?

Sommel-ai adheres to all local and international laws regarding beverage consumption and data privacy. Please ensure you are of legal drinking age in your jurisdiction when using our service.

How do I handle a dispute or a complaint?

For any disputes or complaints, please contact us via the Manage Account button on your account page. We are committed to resolving issues in accordance with our terms of service and applicable laws.